About Online Youth Manager (OYM) Extender

Online Youth Manager is a base package that serves as a management system for various youth organisations e.g. New Zealand Scouts, UK Boys' Brigade, Irish Girl Guides.

It provides Financial management, but does not integrate with Xero. This is where OYM Extender comes in.

Sync OYM to Xero does the following for a selected Group:
  1. Creates a Contact in Xero for each active OYM member that is not in excluded Sections e.g. Leader, Committee
  2. If using a Shared Xero account, the Contact will be prefixed with the Group's applicable prefix e.g. 'PA - '
  3. Only the Name, First Contact Name and First Contact email address will be synced to Xero
  4. The Xero Contact will be automatically placed into a Xero Group representing the OYM Section. As a member moves Section in OYM, they will move Group in Xero
  5. New OYM Members being created as Contacts in Xero for the first time, will be highlighted for any additional checks and processes you may have - such as the billing of Start-up costs. These will display once as "New Contact being created in Xero"
  6. Members that are no longer active in OYM will be Archived in Xero. These will display once as "Not active in OSM. Archiving in Xero"
  7. OYM members that become active again e.g. a member returns, need to be un-archived manually in Xero before they can be Synced again from OSM. These will also be highlighted for your action and displayed as "Contact exists, but is Archived. Please Restore in Xero then sync again"

If you get an error, such as exceeding the API rate limit (for Xero), please wait a minute and try again. If the problem persists and is not API rate related, please contact oym@techconz.com

Currently configured OYMs and Groupings
OYM Group Xero Prefix
NZ Scouts 1st Titahi Bay Scout Group TB
NZ Scouts Paraparaumu Scout Group PA
NZ Scouts Kapiti Coastal Zone
NZ Scouts Lower North Island
NZ Scouts Paraparaumu Beach Sea Scout Group PB
NZ Scouts Plimmerton Scout Group PL
NZ Scouts Pukerua Bay Scout Group PU
NZ Scouts Raumati Scout Group RA
NZ Scouts Whitby Scout Group WH
NZ Scouts Kotuku Sea Scout Group KO
NZ Scouts Ngati Toa Sea Scout Group NT
NZ Scouts Otaki Scout Group OT
NZ Scouts Paekakariki Scout Group PK
NZ Scouts St Mary's Scout Group - Levin SM
NZ Scouts Waikanae Scout Group WK
NZ Scouts Waitarere Scout Group WB
NZ Scouts Royal Oak Scout Group RO
NZ Scouts Churchward Park Scout Group CP
UK Scouts 5th Littlehampton Sea Scouts
NZ Scouts Otago Rover Crew
UK Scouts 4th Ashby-de-la-Zouch
UK Scouts 1st Hurst (Air Scouts)
UK Scouts Berks/Bucks
UK Scouts Berkshire Scout Jamboree Unit 62
UK Scouts Dashboard
UK Scouts 5th littlehampton
UK Scouts 1st Banwell
UK Scouts 1st Burrington and Wrington Scout and Guide Group
UK Scouts 1st Congresbury
UK Scouts 1st Kewstoke
UK Scouts 1st Milton (Weston
UK Scouts 1st North Worle
UK Scouts 1st Uphill
UK Scouts 1st Weston Village
UK Scouts 1st Wick St Lawrence
UK Scouts 1st Winscombe
UK Scouts 2nd worle
UK Scouts Axe
UK Scouts Axe District
UK Scouts 4th Thames Ditton (Ajax)
UK Scouts 14th King's Lynn
UK Scouts 1st Locking Scout Group
UK Scouts Axe Kandersteg 2020
UK Scouts 191st Bristol (St Mary's Shirehampton)
UK Scouts 23rd Manchester (Birch with Fallowfield)
UK Scouts 89th Manchester 1st Withington (Waygoods Own)
UK Scouts 2nd Headstone
NZ Scouts 1st Gore Scout Group
NZ Scouts Edendale Scout Group
NZ Scouts Georgetown Scout Group
NZ Scouts Gladstone Scout Group
NZ Scouts Jellicoe Sea Scouts
NZ Scouts Mataura Scout Group
NZ Scouts Murihiku Zone
NZ Scouts Te Ara o Kiwa Sea Scouts
NZ Scouts Toi Tois Scout Group
NZ Scouts Waikaka Scout Group
NZ Scouts Waverley Scout Group
NZ Scouts Woodlands Scout Group
NZ Scouts Tararua Rover Crew
UK Scouts 1st Gossoms End

If you require OYM Extender support for your group, follow the instructions in 'About/First Use'.

If you are interested in additional functionality or synced information, please contact oym@techconz.com

Important things to do before Syncing to Xero for the first time
1. In OYM Extender

Select your Online Your Manager then select Next. You will be redirected to your OYM to log in and approve access for OYM Extender. This will create your Group in OYM Extender.

If your Online Youth Manager does not appear, please contact oym@techconz.com

2. In Xero

A) If you have already used Xero to invoice contacts that were previously created manually, you will need to do the following one off process. If you don't, your Syncs will likely fail.

This process is necessary because Sync creates a new Contact in Xero with a 'Contact ID' that links it back to OYM for future Sync use. The process below merges your existing Xero Contact with the new syncd one and brings your invoices over.

  1. Rename all your Scout Contacts in Xero. Suggested method is to give them a common prefix e.g. 'ORIG - '
  2. Start a new Sync in this, OYM Extender
  3. In Xero, tick one 'ORIG' contact (not the new one) at a time , then Options, Merge, and select the new Contact to merge it into.
  4. Repeat step 3 for all of your 'ORIG' contacts

B) If you have NOT already used Xero to create Invoices on your contacts, do not do the above, but instead, remove any of the OYM based contacts you may have created in Xero. They will be recreated again as part of the Sync.

After your first Sync, you may have Xero Groups that no longer have active OYM member based Contacts in them. You can Delete these empty groups as Sync will manage your groups from here on in.

You may also have 'XX' contacts that you cannot merge into your new contacts from OYM. This is because they are no longer in OYM. Simply Archive these contacts in Xero.

4. Groups using a shared Xero account
Groups using a shared must contact oym@techconz.com to set up prefixes so each group remains seperate in Xero e.g. PA - Paraparaumu Scouts

July 16, 2021 Switch to OYM OAuth2.0.
Syncs now require OSM permission each time.

September 7, 2020 Switch to Xero OAuth2.0.
Syncs now require Xero permission each time.

June 7, 2020 Support Gift Aid Sales Tracking Category where this is set up in Xero.
Each section must have the Finance External Access set to Read Only & the Xero Sales Tracking created as "Gift Aid" with the options "Declined" & "Yes"